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More Than Apps

You’re not just launching an app. You’re creating an experience,
starting a business, and following a lifelong dream.


A mobile world

It’s no secret, the world has gone mobile. Your customers are always connected, and so should your business. We work in an always on, 24/7 culture, and our clients love it. Transparency is everything, which is why we take a holistic approach to insure that your business knows exactly where your app currently is, and where it’s heading. We walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, based upon the idea that we are an extension of your team.

What makes a great app

True quality comes from how well the app addresses it’s purpose, audience, stability, and polish. We always begin with a detailed strategy discussion, to best understand your app’s place in the market space is key to making your competition irrelevant.


We’ll create an identity for your company. This can include typography, color palettes, logo design and more.


The interface creates an emotional connection with your audience. We’ll create a design your users will love.


Whether its a description, or educating new users about your app, we’ll make using your app delightful.


A great app goes beyond it just working. It has to be fluid and exhilarating, so we spend time on the polish and development.


Get your app known

What’s a great app if nobody knows it exists? Our relationships help to get your story heard, by those who will care most.


We’re constantly writing in articles like TechCrunch, Entrepreneur and more. We’ll make it easy for the press to write about your app.


We know that amazing apps have a web presence. We’ll create sleek, app-focused landing pages, microsites, and even blogs that will compliment your app.

Watch your ideas come to life

One of the most exciting things is watching your idea become a reality, and with X3 Digital, you can. Within as little as three weeks, you’ll begin getting a working version of your app to install on your device. There’s nothing like watching your app come alive. Week after week you’ll see a build of your app, including what’s new, updated, fixed, or in progress. You can send us comments in real time, capture difficult to track bugs, or screenshot something that looks wrong. Our transparency is what sets us apart from most development teams.

Let’s get started

Every minute that slips by is a lost opportunity for greater results for your business. Speak with us today to learn why so many successful businesses and ad agencies choose to work with us every day.